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Dance is an art form that can enrich the lives of our students and foster a love of self-expression. Baldwin International School dance program offers a wide range of opportunities for students of all ages and skill levels to explore and grow their talents.

Our dance program provides classes for students at every level, from elementary through high school, taught by experienced and qualified instructors. These classes cover a range of dance styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern, national and international dance forms, as well as proper technique and terminology.

The curriculum is designed to be fun and energetic, inspiring students to express themselves through movement and creativity. Additionally, we have extracurricular dance groups and performance teams that allow students to work together showcase their skills to the school community, and gain valuable experience in teamwork and discipline.

No matter your dance experience, we have something to offer and we encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities available at our school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.